There should be an App for that

Love dating? But sometimes feel like you’re struggling to keep your proverbial dating head above the sea of matches? You need the ‘Dater PA’ – the app that keeps on top of your dating admin, so you can keep on top of your dates. Continue reading


Travel by Tinder

The alternative title for this would be 'Tinder Tourist', but I'm not one for calling a spade a spade.

Background Information

To set the scene, I'd been invited to a friend's wedding in the Philippines. I’d met him travelling, and only knew one other person who was going, but they would be with their girlfriend. So, not wanting to be a third wheel, I decided that, other than the four days I would be occupied with the wedding, I would spend my time solo travelling. Continue reading

The Date with Gremios Girl

  • Date:
  • Venue: Gremios; Market House
  • Participant: Tinder Girl #4

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back into Tinder as it’s a resource I don’t feel I’ve made full use of. Obviously organically sourced produce is the most desirable, but in a competitive and saturated market, one needs to be open to aggressive acquisitions.

Upon researching the market, I stumbled across a girl whose pictures included Strongbow and Brighton, two areas of common ground. A good start I thought, and that is how I initiated takeover discussions. Negotiations went fairly smoothly and it wasn’t long until we agreed to meet in person. She also resided in Streatham, which was an added bonus and reduced the need for relocation. Continue reading

The Date with the Bus Journey

  • Date: 07.03.2014
  • Venue: Crown & Shuttle, Shoreditch
  • Participant: Tinder match #203

Ok, so here we find ourselves, back in the old Date Report territory. However, we have a new element to bring to the table this time. This participant was not organically sourced, but sourced through the world of tinder. A very first for me. Here is my experience. Continue reading