The 2nd Date with the ‘Next Time’ Girl

  • Date: 06.01.2016
  • Venue: Merchants Tavern
  • Participant: Polish Girl (round 2)

And so we found ourselves at the next time. She wanted to meet in the Shoreditch area, so we met outside Shoreditch High Street station; she was late again. Not being one of my areas of expertise, and knowing that she wouldn’t have anywhere in mind – she would call it being spontaneous; I would call it a lack of planning – I’d sourced my friends and housemates for venue ideas. I had opted for the Merchants (not Merchant’s, or indeed Merchants’… perhaps it was just a place multiple merchants gathered but weren’t entitled to call their own) Tavern – a place I had never been, but that sounded like it closely fitted with my date venue requirements. Continue reading


The 2nd Date with the Lawyer

  • Date: 09.03.2012
  • Venue: Pix, Covent Garden
  • Participant: Lawyer Girl (round 2)

For the second date I had been upgraded to a Friday date. As such I had contemplated dressing down a bit, and getting out of my suit, be a little less business. However, I opted not to; well, she was a City (well, Canary Wharf) Lawyer after all. The venue was left to me again. Still out of my comfort zone, I sought advice from some colleagues. I decided on Covent Garden, and noted the location of several places that came recommended. Without the use of a smart phone, one is somewhat limited in flexibility and spontaneity, instead having to commit several places to memory and, in my case, having to mentally map them out beforehand. Continue reading