There should be an App for that

Love dating? But sometimes feel like you’re struggling to keep your proverbial dating head above the sea of matches? You need the ‘Dater PA’ – the app that keeps on top of your dating admin, so you can keep on top of your dates.

One App for all your matches

Which app was Lucy on? Tinder? Happn? Bumble? All three? The Dater PA consolidates all your matches into one place, making it much easier to copy and paste the same message to your new matches. But don’t worry, you can still swipe in the separate apps – we know how sometimes you need the change of scenery that a different interface provides.

The Ice Breaker

Tired of using all your mental muscle to come up with that witty opener? Let the Dater PA alleviate some of the stress by doing it for you. You can save your own openers, browse through the endless fodder available, or let the Dater PA choose one for you, based on your style preferences. If you want, you can even ask the Dater PA to automatically send one to any new matches; you can put a delay on of course – you don’t want to appear too desperate, or for them to think you’re a robot.

Frisbee message

The Datrix

Keep forgetting what Amy T does for work, or whether it was Emma B or Emma H that went to the same uni as you? You need a matrix for you dates… the ‘Datrix’.

The Datrix remembers all the important information – where they live, work, how many siblings, favourite Leonardo DiCaprio film – so that you don’t have to. Then you can do some last minute revision whilst you wait for your date, as opposed to idly perusing your phone to look busy.

You can manually enter the information, or enable ‘Smart PA’, which will populate the fields based on high level, generic conversational structures.


DFVs (Date Friendly Venues)

Struggling to think of a venue in Covent Garden that doesn’t have a light up dance floor, or that serves something other than Young’s? Looking for a twinkly bar in Angel, where there’s no imperative to eat, but there is the option of ‘small plates’ type food? With our community of daters, we have built up an extensive array of DFVs. Help fellow daters by adding new venues – rate them, review them, use them… two proverbial dating heads are better than one, as they say.

Venue Review.png

I met matched with this girl on Monday

Never miss a date with the ‘Calendate’ function, which has easy links to their profile and their Datrix.

Dating World

Bit of a Globe dater? Use the Tinder Plus Passport feature to swipe ahead? Returning to a city where you accumulated more matches than you could date? Isn’t it annoying scrolling through all your matches to find those in the right location? Dating World groups your matches into where they are in the world, giving you a head start.

Dating World.png

The Ice Breaker feature even has a translate function.

Frisbee message - french

AiD (Artificial Intelligence Dater)

If this all still seems like too much effort, and you’d rather not even bother with a cyber-conversation before the date, try the AiD function. It uses algorithms… ok, ok, it basically just engages in generic conversation, asking questions of its own, learning what works, and what doesn’t, as it goes. Sure, it probably wouldn’t pass the Turing Test, but it is able to respond to 95% of questions… and if it doesn’t know the answer then the default response of laughing crying face emoji comes to the rescue. All the AiD needs you for is to agree a time and a place… or just let it interact with the Calendate and DFV functions and it will tell you when, where, and who requires you, giving you a synopsis of them from the Datrix it has populated for you.

Laighing crying message

Unfortunately, the AiD can’t actually date them for you… yet.



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