The 3rd Date with the ‘Next Time’ Girl

  • Date: 15.01.2016
  • Venue: Happiness Forgets; Eckovision
  • Participant: Polish Girl (Round 3)

And so we found ourselves at the next next time. It almost didn’t happen. In accordance with previous conversations I’d arranged it for a Friday, but just after lunch time on said Friday she messaged saying she was ill and couldn’t make it. She was very apologetic, and said she would do any other day. I believed her. But that wasn’t the point. If it was any other day of the week I wouldn’t have minded so much. But it was a sacred Friday. And I had a lot of girls on the go at the moment who I needed to fit in, but it was now too late to offer it up to anyone else. It was messing with the tight and tricky logistics I was currently immersed in. Continue reading


The 2nd Date with the ‘Next Time’ Girl

  • Date: 06.01.2016
  • Venue: Merchants Tavern
  • Participant: Polish Girl (round 2)

And so we found ourselves at the next time. She wanted to meet in the Shoreditch area, so we met outside Shoreditch High Street station; she was late again. Not being one of my areas of expertise, and knowing that she wouldn’t have anywhere in mind – she would call it being spontaneous; I would call it a lack of planning – I’d sourced my friends and housemates for venue ideas. I had opted for the Merchants (not Merchant’s, or indeed Merchants’… perhaps it was just a place multiple merchants gathered but weren’t entitled to call their own) Tavern – a place I had never been, but that sounded like it closely fitted with my date venue requirements. Continue reading