The 3rd Date with the Lawyer

  • Date: 14.03.2012
  • Venue: Hix, Mark’s Bar
  • Participant: Lawyer Girl (round 3)

Before we begin this date, the third with the Lawyer, I will take you back several minutes to before the meeting. We had arranged to meet at that weird tourist attraction on one of the corners at Piccadilly Circus – I know they’re not really corners, but I’m not really sure what one is meant to refer to them as. I was a little bit early as I don’t like to be late. She was late as usual. It transpired that she had some work dumped on her late in the day. I, on the other hand, was sat at my desk twiddling my thumbs, on both hands, pretending to work. Continue reading


The 2nd Date with the Lawyer

  • Date: 09.03.2012
  • Venue: Pix, Covent Garden
  • Participant: Lawyer Girl (round 2)

For the second date I had been upgraded to a Friday date. As such I had contemplated dressing down a bit, and getting out of my suit, be a little less business. However, I opted not to; well, she was a City (well, Canary Wharf) Lawyer after all. The venue was left to me again. Still out of my comfort zone, I sought advice from some colleagues. I decided on Covent Garden, and noted the location of several places that came recommended. Without the use of a smart phone, one is somewhat limited in flexibility and spontaneity, instead having to commit several places to memory and, in my case, having to mentally map them out beforehand. Continue reading

The 1st Date with the Lawyer

  • Date: 01.03.2012
  • Venue: The Swan @ The Globe
  • Participant: Lawyer Girl

It was a bad start to the date – she text saying the Jubilee Line was part suspended so she was going to be late. However, she then text saying she was on her way in a taxi – this is exactly the sort of thing I (didn’t) do, splash the cash, willy-nilly, on taxis across London – so she arrived shortly thereafter. I’d miraculously arrived on time, worried she might be charging by the clock. I waited at London Bridge station so, when she arrived, I was busy guiding a foreigner through the bus routes of London – I have an absolutely terrible sense of direction and didn’t even own a smart phone… I gave him some advice and directions nevertheless. He wasn’t to know it was completely ill-informed and misguided. He left, smiling, a satisfied customer. Continue reading